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Luxury Apartments that work with Rental Debts and or background issues? (How it all started)

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This is something that is close to me. Everyone laughed at me when I first started to help clients who had background issues, over 14 years ago. I still remember like yesterday when I was working at the Findit office at Jones and 290. How I got into apartment locating is another story in and of itself.

One day I asked the office manager why leads were being taken from the printer and thrown in the trash. She replied that they were not workable because they were either broken leases, evictions, or background issues.

Having a family to feed, I started to pull leads out of the trash and call the clients. I knew there were people out there that were just like me. No matter the situation, they wanted a nice place to live.

I remember like yesterday the first client had a misdemeanor assault. I just started apartment locating, I had no idea what I was doing or where to start. The client pulled up in a brand new convertible Corvette. We loaded up in my minivan with leather seats (lol). I remember the client saying dang this is clean. (lol) Anyways I didn’t care if I had to walk into every apartment community in Houston, I was going to find a nice community that would work with a misdemeanor assault. This was over 14 years ago. This is how I started building my relationships that make what we do possible. About the 4th or 5th Community we stopped at a really nice community, we both looked at each other and said “this is worth a shot”. It was by far the nicest place we went to and we were just told no at all of the others. The leasing agents name was Mindy and yes I will tell her that she is in this blog. She said, “yes for sure they would work with the issue”.

I would meet clients at any place to show apartments. Apartment communities said they have never seen a locator with their clients. It was like a bus service. A client would get denied at a community and the leasing agent would call and I would be there in minutes to take them to a community that would work with our issue.

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After a while, I was being branded as The Expert in Luxury 2nd Chance Apartment Locating. I started building the first Apartment Gorilla site from Dreamweaver, no spell check, you can imagine from reading this how it would have been with no spell-check. The first videos were loaded on to our YouTube Channel